Made in Italy

In a time of globalization and standardization that has often led to a levelling down of products on the market, Officine di Cortenova continue to strongly believe in quality, as a distinctive feature of Osca branded tools. The ultimate search for all the highest standards of performance, reliability, and safety is the cornerstone of our production which has always characterized our company philosophy since its beginnings in 1969.


The many years of experience in the field of mechanical tools, the professionalism of our technicians and the use of the latest industry technologies have allowed Osca brand to become a synonym of absolute quality all over the world, appreciated and shared by the major international companies in this field.
Our products can only be purchased at those specialized stores that, like us, have chosen to offer their customers only top quality products. In particular, Osca tools are recognized for absolute safety: all our products are tested in order to reduce any risks associated with their use, as well as to minimize the consequences on the body due to prolonged use of hammers, mallets and chisels. Osca tools are handy, easy to use, versatile and always able to ensure absolute performance.